Welcome to Ritous Kennel!

Nice of you to drop in and visit us!

Let us try and tell you a bit about ourselves and our dogs.

We live in southern Sweden in the village of Mörrum, famous for it´s river and exceptionally good salmon-fishing. Our house is surrounded by beechwoods.

We have always had dogs and horses and..... rabbits too! We have travelled all over the country in order to exhibit them. Once over we even had some sheep!

We got our first gorgeous Labrador Vagants Yja “Tösen” in 1979.

At that time the horses were our biggest interest and Tösen the labrador tagged along as our mascot.

When we got our second Labrador Dolou´s  Golden Flight “Mia” we became members of Karlshamns utility dogclub. We have trained and competed with our dogs since then.

Our goal is to breed healthy and useful labradors which we have been very successful with. We own three obedience-champions and three rescue dogs.

Most of our dogs have merits in fieldtrial.

We have also tried agility, search and tracking, obdedience, hunting and mental/character testing.

Since 2007 we also have Swedish Vallhund/Västgötaspets  in our kennel. That's  a  very nice  and  alert  breed  full of energy. It is useful as a tracking dog, as well in agility and obedience exercises. Our first  Västgötaspets  was the bitch  Skogsbygdens  Pixie  Pistage. Our goal  is to  breed  healthy,nice and kind  Västgötaspets-dogs and we are proud of succeeding with that. When there is time and possibility we  exhibit  them  in  different places all over  the south part of Sweden.

We have  also tested  some of them in their talents for tending cattle.