Västgötaspets meeting 19 August 2017

All our " västgötadogs" with families and are very welcome!
We´ll meet at the parking area near Mörrums jaktskytteklubb, the hunting club, at 11 o´clock. We are  treat   you sausages and somehing to drink.If you want coffee you may bring it yuorself. Bring also something to sit on. Don´t forget  tit bits  and water for the dog. No hard pieces of  tit bits
Please chose instead meatballs, sausages or pancakes. When the dogs are free please take their collars off. Kindly tell us that you are coming! Send an e-mail: irenegunder @ telia.com
How to find the place:
Follow the same way as to our home. When you reach Hopatäppsvägen go on straight ahead (do´nt take to the right), follow the  orange strips   up the hill
and you´ll find the parking area to the right, just upside the hill.Karta till Hopatäppet.
Hope we'll have a nice day together and that many of you have the possibility to join us. Don't forget to tell us that you are coming, the last date for this 14 th August so we¨ll time to something to eat and drink.
Very very welcome!    
Of course also the 4-legged too are welcome!
Iréne and Gunder 

email:  irenegunder @ telia.com

© Irene Svensson.